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The first casino in Virginia was approved by the Virginia Lottery Board. Furthermore, there are three additional casino applications under review. Certain cities allow more freedom for gambling. And it seems as if the state of Virginia begins its gambling law reform, joining the majority of the other states. Because legislative efforts have begun from all over the United States. The first casino is going to be run by Hard Rock and Briston Hotel. ... read more

Spain is a country where gambling is a popular form of entertainment and making some extra money. However popular it is, the market itself is not regulated too well. That is why the Ministry of Consumer Affairs decided to introduce new gambling rules in Spain. But what does that mean for operators in the country? And what does that exactly bring for gamblers? Here are the details! ... read more

In the last couple of months, there has been a lot of debate on banning gambling ads during sports games. Be it football, tennis, darts, basketball, American football, or basically any sport. But what kind of results did it have, when it comes to betting ads at the Euros? And why is it such an important topic right now? Let us find out! ... read more

The establishment of Integrated Resorts and the number of gambling revenues make Asia the leading region in the industry. While some Asian countries have become popular gambling destinations, others are hesitant to fully exploit the market. Gambling in South Korea is a perfect case in a point. ... read more

Sweden has a long history of gambling. The new Swedish gambling law accepted in 2019 comes to truly change the history of gambling in Sweden. Since the year of 2002 gambling online became legal in the country. Until 2019 the only legal place for the Swedish were two state-run organizations. On the contrary of this situation, the new law gives legal space for hundreds of online non-government gambling services. ... read more

Throughout the years, the history of gambling in Canada has changed a lot. From an activity allowed only within some control, it became an acceptable leisure-time activity. When it comes to gambling it’s all about choice in Canada. You can play online at online gambling sites in Canada. Moreover, you can play both in government-run or in private casinos. Also, you can go to a racetrack. ... read more

Gambling in New York

According to the US sportsbooks, in the United States each state has the right of regulating gambling within its borders. Likewise, the Empire State is not an exception. Since the states have different histories each have their own sets of laws for the industry. In reality, the history of New York gambling laws are famous for their limitations. However, it slowly started changing. ... read more

Beyond the lunatics in their charity fancy dress, the sincere but sweaty worthies raising money for good causes and those who just enjoy running twenty-six miles for fun the elite races are a serious business in of itself. For none of the competitors is that more true than for London’s local Somali hero. Indeed you’d almost have to be heartless not to take up the 2019 London Marathon odds on Mo Farah at Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK.It’s a fairytale. ... read more