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The Bugs and Meyer Mob

Thanks to the Bugs and Meyer mob, mafia and sports betting are a match made in heaven. Since the beginning of Las Vegas to the creation of Internet betting like the Free Spin Casino, the cold hand of the mafia is ever present. Let’s take a look at The Bugs and Meyer Mob, a couple of the big players within the early industry. ... read more

The evolution of football boots has been a long journey. Soccer boots, football shoes, or boots and cleats are the footwear of the football field. They are instantly recognizable thanks to the studs or cleats to help grip the pitch during a game. Just like online sports books in the UK, they are an integral part of the game. But how did they come about? Let’s have a look into the evolution of football boots. ... read more

Qualities to be a Bookie

So what are the qualities to be a bookie? The movie stereo type of the shifty bookmaker, trying to fleece everyone around him, is nothing more than a tired cliche. Lets have a deeper look…. ... read more

So, what are anabolic steroids? When you see those huge muscle bound body builders and weight lifters, I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking. How do they get so big, so fast? (And is their junk really small?). I’m sure that many of them work real hard in the gym. And follow a very strict diet. Blah, blah, blah. But let’s get real for a moment. Many of them take anabolic steroids. Let’s have a look….. ... read more

Let’s block gambling spending. That’s the idea behind the announcement of a new policy from two of the UK’s biggest banks. It enabled customers to self-exclude their bank cards from use on gambling websites. Furthermore, if they change their mind, then they’ll need to wait 48 hours until they can play again. ... read more

The Dice Man Review

Here’s my Dice Man Review. Do you ever feel unable to make a decision? Or move on with an important change in the life? Do you need an extra push to get things moving? ... read more

Drugs In Horse Racing

Drugs in horse racing? Really? When you think of drug abuse in sports, it’s easy to focus solely on the steps taken to reduce illegal doping. And that’s an uphill struggle. So imagine the horse racing industry for a moment. It’s still rife with doping abuse.  ... read more

To win the lottery would change everything. Think of you sad and pathetic life. All the hard luck that has befallen you. You’re short and ugly. That’s already hard to recover from. You’re alone. You’re broke. Living in your mom’s damp basement. She wishes she’d had you aborted. And it’s probably started to rain. ... read more

Coin tosses are one of the most common means of settling any dispute. Throughout history this simple process has decided many the outcome of many draws or results that were tied. Here are three famous coin tosses that changed history. Here are the famous four coin tosses that changed history. ... read more

Yes, betting on TV is now a thing. The very nature of Television, with it’s immediacy, creates a huge sense of drama and expectation. It’s very unpredictability is manna from heaven for all gamblers. Whether watching your favorite show or a sporting event, you can now enjoy the added excitement of having a wager. ... read more