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Wanna be a slot machine service technician? The gambling industry around Las Vegas would come to a screeching stop without slot machine service technicians. But not the Vegas Crest Casino. Customers can’t play machines that aren’t working. Then the broken slot machines have to come off the floor for repair. While they’re out of service, they don’t earn the casino any money. ... read more

Transgender athletes are cheats. There, I’ve said it! In the movie ” A League of their Own”, the star Tom Hanks says that there’s no crying in in baseball. And that should also apply to cheating. When a natural  born man is allowed to take part in a woman’s sport on the basis that they identify as female, well, sorry to tell you, but that’s nothing more than cheating. ... read more

Betting on crickets goes back more than 1,000 years to the Tang Dynasty, the fighting of male crickets is still remains a very popular sport and past time in modern day China. ... read more

So what was the Melbourne Cup 2019 Biggest Winning Bet? Well, one gentleman took an incredibly savvy punt. He saw a return of almost $800,000 on a $10 bet. Making his the Melbourne Cup 2019 biggest winning bet. The lucky winner managed to guess the correct order of the top four horses. To make matters more interesting, this was after the winning order was changed following a protest. ... read more

The oldest casino in the world stands on the waters of Venice in Italy. When we think of casinos today, maybe we think of online ones like Casumo. Or the gaudy images of Las Vegas or Macau probably spring to mind. But the very first casino was a very different affair. After all it opened in 1638. ... read more

Here are some useful phrases for the casino. When you think of a casino like Free Spin Casino, James Bond is probably the first person to come to mind. Roulette is probably the first game. Though the rules of the game appear to be very simple there’s actually a lot more going on. It’s hiding in the jargon. ... read more

Betting Websites in Hungary

Sorry, but betting websites in Hungary are few and far between. With the Hungarian government and their friends controlling most of the betting market place, the choices are both frugal and limiting. As with all monopolies, they just get fat and lazy as the incentive to grow isn’t of importance. Most foreign online bookies have much more to offer. ... read more