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Practice makes perfect and gambling is not an exception. The shutdown of casinos is not a reason to lose your touch in poker. Although it is impossible to compete with pros in gambling rooms or play with friends in the kitchen, there are still many ways to train. Do you want to know how to improve poker skills from home? ... read more

Good online casino design is one of the most significant characteristics of a gambling resource. Besides, it is not inferior in its importance to high-quality software and a variety of slots. After all, the attractive appearance of the site helps not only to get new players but also to retain existing ones. So what should this gambling source look like? In this article, we have prepared for you 2020 design trends for online casinos.  ... read more

The sports media is buzzing at the prospect of a Manny Pacquiao vs Conor McGregor fight. This comes after the Philippines boxer signed with the same agency as the Irish former UFC champion fighter. Paradigm Sports Management were pleased to announce their new signing earlier this week raising the chances of a cross-over fight between the two combatants. ... read more

As you are probably aware, there are many e-wallets available. But how do you go about using Neteller at the casino? Well, for a start, Neteller has been in use for online shopping and peer to peer transfers for over a decade. The bank offers e-transfers, prepaid cards and online payments. It provides a trustworthy alternative to using your credit card or checking account. ... read more

An unlucky player gambled away $6M from investors. Now it turns out that a dozen investors will still be out of pocket after losing all that money to a fraudster. They had sues the MGM Grand Detroit for the $6 million they lost. But a court ruled that the casino was not responsible. ... read more

Well, that didn’t end too well. The Russian media has been buzzing with the story of a Russian politician’s illegal casino in his apartment. Unfortunately, after the discovery, he was then thrown out of the political party he was affiliated with. ... read more

The actor Tobey Maguire has come in for some flack from the author Molly Bloom. Her book, “High Stakes, Hollywood’s Elite, Hotshot Bankers, My Life in the World of Underground Poker” came out in 2014. Otherwise known as the movie “Molly’s Game.” with Jessica Chastain in the lead role. In it, she dishes the dirt on our (apparently) not so friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. ... read more

Online Slots Strategy

The very idea that there could possibly be some sort of strategy involved in the playing of slots, let alone online slots, appears to be totally bonkers. But, if you put some time and effort into finding a game play style that suits you, along with taking note of the payouts, then you might surprise yourself at your chances of turning a profit. Along with having a great time. ... read more

That is the gamblers question: Is luck a factor in gambling? Since a hairy stone aged man rolled some bones in an empty skull, the question always arises. Is the result due to luck or skill? Yes, of course luck is probably the major ingredient. But, is not entirely the whole picture. For certain games, there is a strategy, which requires some form of skill, that can help tip the balance in your favor. ... read more