If you’re looking for a thrilling booking for the colder evenings getting into autumn, just check out the latest book of David Baldacci. In his latest novel, A Gambling Man his former character, the World War II veteran Aloysius Archer is out of prison and travelling to California in a hope of a new start. But it’s not the land he was dreaming of and might be his final resting place.  ... read more

Big changes seem to come up in Germany since the country is ready to implement the so-called German Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG 2021). Most of the states are already agreed to the new regulations posed by the treaty. Still, we have to wait the rest out. Here is what is going to change, once the framework. ... read more

Gambling With a Low Budget!

There are many gambling opportunities today that it became much easier to find ways on how to gamble with a low budget. The casino industry went far beyond what we could think before. ... read more

The new UGW dates are here, and we have good news for those who are into gambling: the exhibition will be divided into two section: At first, it will be a conference for gambling experts in February, while there will be an exhibition for online gambling solutions in March. Will you participate? You can buy your tickets through us! ... read more

Many people love to gamble. From ancient China, where basic gambling was shown on tiles, to scenes in Roman pottery where betting on animal fights was mentioned, gambling has existed in one form or another for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Both gambling and casinos have many myths, legends, and stories. Indeed, sometimes they are strange, but sometimes quite remarkable. Thus, since ancient times, people have come up with all sorts of ways to get out of everyday routine and bring bright moments into their lives. In this article, we have decided to tell you about the most interesting facts about gambling from the world’s history. ... read more

Safety is one of the most important issues in gambling. Concerns over security cause many people to be afraid of and avoid online gambling. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid becoming the victim of online gambling frauds. ... read more

What do people usually do on flights that last 10-15 hours? Typically, they eat, sleep, watch movies, and listen to music. Someone flips through magazines. Of course, it’s good if there is someone beside you to have a nice conversation. However, all this can hardly be called an exciting pastime. Therefore, aviation design studios from France – AirJet Designs and Designescence – presented to the public the concept of an “on-board” casino. According to their idea, small VIP cabins will be provided on the planes shortly. Here passengers will be able to gamble and escape from a long boring flight. Let’s take a closer look at casino gambling airlines! ... read more

Your special someone is a gambling enthusiast? Or maybe you want to buy a treat for yourself? If you are searching for gift ideas, you are in the right place. We have created a list of the best gift ideas for gamblers for any taste or budget. ... read more