Safety is one of the most important issues in gambling. Concerns over security cause many people to be afraid of and avoid online gambling. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid becoming the victim of online gambling frauds. ... read more

What do people usually do on flights that last 10-15 hours? Typically, they eat, sleep, watch movies, and listen to music. Someone flips through magazines. Of course, it’s good if there is someone beside you to have a nice conversation. However, all this can hardly be called an exciting pastime. Therefore, aviation design studios from France – AirJet Designs and Designescence – presented to the public the concept of an “on-board” casino. According to their idea, small VIP cabins will be provided on the planes shortly. Here passengers will be able to gamble and escape from a long boring flight. Let’s take a closer look at casino gambling airlines! ... read more

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Countries that do not pose taxed on winnings from live and online casinos are called gambling tax-free countries. Moreover, even though the gambling may be legal, there are still rules and regulations to be followed.  ... read more

In gambling, the winner is not just the lucky ones, but those who know how to think and understand the behavior of opponents. To be successful, a business person needs a set of qualities that also distinguish good gamblers: self-control, logical thinking, observation, and the ability to say “stop” in time. Most of the games do not require luck only, but a verified strategy, skill, consideration of probabilities, and knowledge of psychology. This versatile set leads to victories both at the card table and in business. In this article, we will take a look at the common traits of gambling millionaires. ... read more