Casino Cash-outs

After you’ve been playing at the online casino for a while, there’s a very good possibility that you’ll have scored some winnings to your account. And now you’d like to cash out some of all of that amount. Normally, you’ll head over to the websites cashier. From here, you’ll need to enter all the required personal information, along with maybe some form of ID. The funds can be transferred in whatever currency you care for. On the whole it should be a simple reversal of putting money into the account when you began playing. But do check the small print of each and every casino before you start playing to ensure that you are happy with whatever with drawl means they might have in place. ... read more

So yesterday Maria Sharapova retires. If you were hoping for a farewell tour from one of tennis’s greatest icons, then you’re gonna be surely in for a disappointment. Playing those final games in London, Paris or New York, just to make up the numbers, is certainly not her style. She ended it all on her terms, via an essay that appeared in both Vogue and Vanity Fair. ... read more

Nice one Daniel, nice one son, nice one Daniel, he’s got another one! Yes, Daniel Sturridge, the former England, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea footballer managers to find a way to get himself suspended from all footballing activity for four months. This comes after his initial punishment was deemed as being too lenient. ... read more

Well, it only took nine years. Finally Serbia expands casino gambling. Serbia’s Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali has introduced a bill to replace the 2011 Gambling Act. Now the paperwork is in front of the country’s National Assembly, who are expected to pass it into law. One reason is probably the fact that the bill has a provision which will increase the States tax revenue from gambling up from 5% of gross to a heady 15% for betting online and 10% for other casino games. ... read more

It appears that the online sportsbook, MoPlay is insolvent and no longer paying out customer deposits or withdrawals. On the 24th of Feb, it’s parent company, Addison Global announced that the betting company was insolvent. MoPlay had both it’s UK and Gibralter licenses suspended as did it’s parent company. ... read more

Trust Elon Musk to bring something left field to the table. The big news today is that it will be offering online casino games to the passengers, Tesla owner In car gambling. With the car company now manufacturing in China, Tesla has rolled out a new feature for it’s proprietary dashboard. Called the Tesla Archade, it’s placed between the driver and passenger seats and offers various streaming services, puzzles and games. ... read more

For those of you football fans who have been living under a rock for the past couple years, a new form of refereeing has been making an impact on the Premier League. VAR is this new technology helping referee games from the sidelines. ... read more

Here’s a story to make your elbow itch. A woman playing at a slot machine scored the life-changing win of $8.5 million. Think of how ecstatic she must of felt. All the changes she could make in her life and those around her. The new house in the burbs and an even bigger pick-up truck. Exotic holidays with gin Martini’s (WTF are those, she must be think) on the beach….err…hold up! The casino says it had a slot machine malfunction. At that exact moment! Too funny if the whole saga wasn’t so sad. Still no emotion without contrast. And she must of experienced the whole spectrum of them. Only in America can you be unhappy about what you never had. ... read more

Because the playing of poker is synonymous with gambling and therefore money, it should come as no surprise that there are some bad people waiting in the wings to relieve the players of their hard won cash. But if you’re thinking of carrying out a poker robbery, then have a look at these poor efforts and up your plans accordingly. ... read more

As the crooner Frank Sinatra sings in My Way, “And now, the end is near, And so I face the final curtain”, it looks like greyhound racing faces extinction in West Virginia. Financial support for the industry is passing through the Senate, and it’s not looking good for the dog and track owners, along with the punters. ... read more