Like any other industry of entertainment such as movies or music, gambling also has prizes to strive for. The most successful casino sites, games, affiliates, and developers are annually awarded at numerous ceremonies you have probably never heard about. So, here are the 10 most prestigious iGaming awards to follow. ... read more

2020 has brought a new color to political bets. On the 1xBet gambling site some crazy and weird Irish political bets have started. Eoghan Murphy is an Irish Fine Gael politician who inspired the newest wagers all over the internet. More precisely not him, but his fluffy beard! ... read more

Hedging against uncertainty by betting is a strange call at first glance. However, the word betting can be interpreted as putting some effort or goods into something and waiting for return and profit. An investment can be interpreted as betting too. You know the market, the prices, but you can never be 100% sure that your investment is coming back to you. How can you avoid the uncertainty of betting on people and what all this has to do with corruption? A broad reading of betting and a philosophical adventure follows. ... read more

China is famous for its unbelievable eSports events. The Leauge of Legend Pro League is the regional LoL Championship, which is one of the most viewed esports acts of the world. Also, this happening is the most prestigious event after the LoL World Championships, since the Chinese players always represent the latest techniques and set-ups. Based on the LPL Spring 2020 Odds and statistics, this year, Invictus Gaming will be the champions of the finals. ... read more

The Leauge of Legends Championships Korea is the biggest annual eSports event in South-Korea. LoL is the most played videogame in the country. Even more, most of the worldwide recognized professional players are Korean. If you ever played on a KR server, probably you know why. We will take a glimpse at the LCK Spring 2020 odds to make our predictions before the finals start, to place our bets on the most vicious tournament of the world of eSports. ... read more

The Turkish Winter Leauge of Legend Tournaments will ends in the middle of April. Even if the spectacular events are canceled, the championship will be held on a virtual platform. Let’s take a closer look at the TCL Winter 2020 odds together. Who will be Turkey’s best LoL eSport players this season? Can anyone surmount the two dominating team, the 1907 Fenerbahçe, and the Papara Supermassive? ... read more

There are still very long table tennis matches, however, the game wasn’t always as fast-paced as today. Fortunately, you can still make bets on table tennis games on BET365 Sportsbook. Anyways, let’s grind up the longest ever matches of table tennis in this article. ... read more

Nowadays, with the development of new technologies, there are more and more ways to have fun. For several centuries one of them has been gambling which relatively recently has appeared on the Internet. Video slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat are just a few of the entertainments available in online casinos. Usually, everyone can try them with no charge in two ways. The vast majority of operators offer their customers (even unregistered) to try the software presented on the site using demo modes. However, in this way, they may not experience the same emotions as when playing for real money. That is why more and more users are looking for online casinos that give no deposit bonuses with the withdrawal of winnings. In our article, we are going to discuss how no deposit bonuses work.  ... read more

We have noticed that recently online casinos have become incredibly popular. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world visit the sites of virtual institutions every day and plunge into the world of gambling. Some play to pass the time while others get adrenaline and positive emotions! And, of course, gamblers visit online casinos to get the best reward – money! Do you still think it’s impossible to get rich in an online casino? Best books about online gambling will tell you how to win real money! ... read more

If you have decided to gamble online, you should approach the choice of online casino extremely carefully. Do not register on the first site in the expectation of instant enrichment. Indeed, it is worth approaching the choice of a gambling establishment with all responsibility. We will try to consider in as much detail as possible all aspects of how to choose an online casino. ... read more