German gambling laws

In some countries, like the United States, sports gambling is living its best time. More and more options are coming up, more and more states legalize online sports betting. But there are other countries, like Germany, where the current state of sports gambling is making both players and legislators worry. As sports gambling restrictions in Germany are starting to materialize, many players turn to illegal sites to gratify their passion. ... read more

There are dark clouds on the horizon for Formula One. Not only is the weather report for this weekend’s race at the Nurburgring rather wet, but Honda are leaving. Whilst the former will make your bet on the Eifel Grand Prix a tad tricky, it’ll be the latter worrying F1. Online betting sites in Germany like Bet365 tend to have issues accurately assessing a wet race. Which presents an opportunity. Honda departing, however, should give everyone in F1 that sinking feeling.  ... read more

The F1 circus should be in the warmth of Portugal, instead, they’re heading to the Eifel region of Germany. So, there will be vastly lower track temperatures as they race around the Nürburgring. This should produce some exciting racing. Unfortunately, as those who bet on Lewis Hamilton last race discovered, that racing may not matter. Online betting sites in Germany like Bet365 once again offer low odds on him winning. The question is; will the stewards allow him to do so? ... read more

European gambling culture is well developed and multi-facetted. The numerous diverse nations that comprise the continent give rise to a huge variation of laws, regulations, attitudes and traditions. This has meant the harmonization so sought by exponents of the European Union has faced an uphill struggle. Online betting sites in Germany like Bet365 should be able to operate anywhere in the EU, but several nations operate a closed shop. So is a unification of gambling in Europe a pipe dream?  ... read more