Golden Globe Awards

With the beginning of the film award season, main favorites become apparent. David Fincher’s Mank is among movies with the best winning chances at the Academy Awards. While waiting for Oscar nominations, you can bet on Mank to win Golden Globes 2021.  ... read more

A new film award season has already begun. Top-tier movie awards are announcing their nominees one by one with Nomadland being present in all the lists of favorites. Is it the only reason why you should bet on Nomadland to win awards in 2021? ... read more

If you are good at betting on awards, try your skills in predicting two winners at once. Pick a double winner at Golden Globes 2020 in TV series nomination and win money with the help of your high-level intuition. ... read more

This year, acting nominations at all prestigious awards amaze by its strong competitiveness. 2020 Golden Globes are not an exception too. According to Best actor in a TV movie/Limited series odds, the fight for the prize will be no less tough than in the Motion picture acting categories. ... read more

2020 Golden Globes nominations are out. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association released a list of the most outstanding films of the year, so this is the right time to make predictions. We will try to figure out the favorites based on Best TV movie/Limited series winner odds. ... read more

As there are no Golden Globe nominations yet, sportsbook experts make predictions on the other events of the ceremony. The most interesting one concerns the host’s monologue that is traditionally given at the beginning of the night. Will Ricky Gervais joke about Trump or mention Brexit? 2020 Golden Globe opening speech predictions will open all cards. ... read more

Todd Phillips’s Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role won both critics and people’s hearts this fall. The film was highly praised and immediately declared as the main favorite of the 2019/20 film awards season. Let’s see what Joker betting predictions are the most likely to turn into reality. ... read more