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Once again, the world’s top rugby sevens nations will battle it out for bragging rights at the Summer Olympics. This time around, New Zealand have the best 2020 rugby sevens Olympics betting odds to win gold. However, if this pans out, it will be a hard pill for defending champions Fiji to swallow. ... read more

Water polo is one of the oldest team sports, it first appeared in the Olympics in 1900. Since then the sport gained popularity all around the world, from Australia to North America. But there are countries, which have stood out and given most of the best water polo teams in history. Let’s see who they are. ... read more

2020 is here and it brings us the most competitive cycle racing there is. This highly intense sport will begin in the summer and carry on for 23 days and will emerge with a victor who shall wear the prestigious yellow jersey. Cyclists from all over the world will be participating in rigorous competitions throughout the tournament. Covering all bases, from the sea-level to the mountains, this race is sure to determine who is most excellent at in this sport. Tour de France special bets will allow you to indulge in wagering options offering more than just outright winner. ... read more

The absence of Usain Bolt will be a talking point for commentators the world over next Summer as the five rings are hauled aloft in Japan for the 32nd modern Olympic Games and there will be a very noticeable gap in the line up for the final of the race that decides who is the fastest man on the planet. The Tokyo 2020 100m odds on Christian Coleman at Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Japan, suggest he’ll be the one to watch, but this is a step into uncertainty. ... read more

The Tokyo Olympics will host the return of Team GB to the football pitch. Having decided against competing in 2016’s Rio Olympics, the FA have decided to give players the opportunity yet again. In this article, we take a look at why a bet on Great Britain to win Tokyo Olympics football 2020 gold could be a worth a go. ... read more