Green Bay Packers

The 2020-21 NFL playoff will start this weekend, on the 9th of January and end with the LV Super Bowl on the 7th of February. 14 teams take part in the tournament and fight for the Championships titles. Which also means a place in the Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers are the favorites to win their conferences in the 2021 NFL playoff predictions. ... read more

A lot of NFL fans will bridle at the thought of betting on them. Their record of “nearly” and “almost” is legendary. However, for the canny gambler this merely makes it more likely this will be their year. Indeed coupled with recent events giving them motivation to shine it’s going to be quite hard to beat them. As a bet on the NFL, they may not be bettered. So, online sportsbook sites in the US, like Bovada, offer up a slew of 2020 Minnesota Vikings bets worth perusing. ... read more

The 99th season of the National Football League gets underway this weekend with the defending champions the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons but with controversy still swirling around the sport and perceived political interference from the very highest levels of government is the NFL betting on a quiet run to the Super Bowl as daft as betting on the Buffalo Bills to win it at Bovada (one of the best online betting sites in the United States right now)? We take a look. ... read more