Unfortunately, injuries can happen with any athlete in any sport really. If you’re lucky, you can get away with some minor ones, but major ones can occur often too. Sadly they can cost the careers of some, but the athletes below are all great examples of amazing recoveries in sports.  ... read more

As Women’s Day is approaching, we thought we should take a look at the most famous female athletes of all time. They include tennis players, gymnasts, track and field athletes, and swimmers. But we had to mention football players and a female wrestler as well. They all achieved amazing results, even crossed the boundaries and represented what the ‘weaker’ sex is capable of.  ... read more

Even if it’s only for fun or for more competitive reasons, having your children to do some sports can only be beneficial for both of you. He will be more confident, will learn skills he can use later in his life and it’s good for his health as well. The importance of youth sports is indisputable, let’s see them in detail.  ... read more