Newer and newer games are coming out every day. It’s a hard job to categorize witch game will be an evergreen classic or just a one-week madness. Therefore, if you can bet on the newest games is a real rarity. By the way, I collected you the options. Don’t afraid to live with the opportunity. ... read more

The eSport industry tries to draw more female gamers and fans. We can say, they are successful. In reflection of the change in the scene of professional players, we made an up to date list of the top 5 female eSport players in 2019. ... read more

After the appearance of this new genre, all of the big game companies created their versions. Despite Blizzard only released Hearthstone Battlegrounds in November, it can be the biggest success of its kind. We expect that in 2020 the betting on autobattlers will go viral. Therefore, if you bet on eSport, you should bet on HS Battlegrounds as well. ... read more

2019 brought something new to the video-game market. The world of competitive online PC games is focusing on a new play-mode. They named it as auto-chess or auto-battler. They are very simple, they only include solo (or sometimes duo) queues. To win, you will need a mixture of strategy and luck. If you are into eSport gambling, you should prepare for that in 2020 you will mostly bet on auto chess. ... read more

DOTA 2 betting is getting more and more popular every year. It’s one of the best multiplayer online battle arena video games in the world. If you want to make some extra money from this exciting video game, go ahead and read our Beginner’s Guide to DOTA 2 Betting. ... read more

Did you know that you could make money while enjoying one of your favorite video games, League of Legends. This multiplayer fantasy game of Riot Games has been among the top ranking multiplayer battle arena games since its genesis in 2009. It has become so popular that it is now considered a type of sports. Well eSports… ... read more