Horse Racing

What do you think, is 10 million dollars a lot of money? How about earning it daily and from nothing else but sports betting? You would probably think it impossible, but there is a man who did it! Alan Woods became the world’s best horse racing bettor with the help of a computer program and acquired a fortune of 670 million dollars in 25 years. In this article, we will discover his genius method and how Alan Woods and horse racing met!  ... read more

The longest-reigning British royal, Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday at the age of 96 in her home at Balmoral Castle. Since then people from all around the world have paid their tributes from world leaders to the most famous celebrities. The world of sports has also reacted to the sad news and showed its respect. Let’s see the most important sports tributes to Queen Elizabeth II.  ... read more

We collected the most important horse racing events in the world for you to follow and bet on. These are all prestigious events that give millions of cash prizes to those who win them. Furthermore, this is where the legendary horses of each country are made. These events are all tied together with the specific history and culture of the said country. Therefore, they are more than just simple horse derbies. ... read more

If you bet on horse racing on a permanent basis, following Tony Brassel tips would be a good idea. This Australian form analyst is one of the best in his niche. As a leading expert at SKY Racing, Brassel has predicted many outcomes together with his colleague David Gately. Australians can use his betting tips if they know where to look for them. ... read more

In September 2020 Kentucky’s news sites were loud of one topic: the Supreme Court banned some of the historical horse racing machines. It looks like it is about to change now since the Kentucky Senate is legalizing horse racing machines once again by passing Senate Bill 120. The Kentucky horse racing industry was in the favor of the state to change, so it was the one to propose and push the bill forward. ... read more

What is a combination bet? How and where can punters use combination bets to wager on sports? Check all the important information about it along with examples of combination betting at online sportsbooks. ... read more

This year might be different from any other year before but there can’t be Christmas without Premier League football. Luckily fans can still see the best of English football at the holidays. Just like some American sports and the PDC Darts World Championships which all belong to the best sports events at Christmas.  ... read more

Like any other sport, horse racing can boast its own legends. During the long history of horse racing, there have been many remarkable four-legged competitors with impressive results. If you are interested in this popular sport, you should learn the names of the greatest racehorses ever. ... read more