Hungarian football

Recent matches have significantly improved Ferencvaros betting odds. The Hungarian club is now among 32 competitors for the 2021 Champions League title and one of the main favorites to win the National Championship. Let’s see all the betting predictions about the next successes of the team. ... read more

After the start of the Bundesliga this weekend, more and more European football leagues will continue this month. Hungary is one of these countries where fans can finally watch live football again next weekend. In our Hungarian football cup betting odds we show the teams reaching the semi-finals of the Hungarian Cup and the favorites to win.  ... read more

The Hungarian football training disaster just goes from bad to worse. Lets get one thing straight. Hungarian football is not short of money. Between 2011 to 2018 the sport received over 791 billion Forints from the central budget. Hungarian football academies which have the task of producing the next generation of star players managed to secure 162 billion Forints of that. ... read more

Ready for a dose of Hungarian football sorrow? Hello dear readers, I have decided to re-invent myself as a true flag waving patriotic Magyar and strive to be all things and feel all feeling in the true Hungarian manner. So come with me on a short journey. Of an afternoon and evening filled with depression, antisemitism, pessimism, homophobia, nationalism, intolerance and Hungarian football. ... read more