Sadly sports can’t be free from corruption either, like other parts of life. In the last few years we could hear about corruption from different organisations from FIFA to the Olympic Committee. But in the biggest corruption scandals in sports we can find examples from other sports and their leaders who all had dirty secrets during their work. ... read more

Athletics is one of the most famous sports, watched by millions of fans. Beside the sprint events, distance running races always attract a lot of attention, even though they might take almost half an hour. The best distance runners of all time were not only good runners but also mentally strong who could use the perfect strategy at all times.  ... read more

The USA will once again be looking to be the most successful nation at the World Championships in Athletics. Fortunately, according to our Top Gold Medals winner predictions, this could soon be a reality. However, they’ll need to be mindful of Great Britain, Kenya and Germany. These countries also stand a considerable chance to be the top gold medalist at the 2019 Doha World Championships. ... read more

This year, the men’s 1500m event at the World Championships in Doha will be an event worth watching. At the moment, Kenyan runner Timothy Cheruiyo is the player to bet on 1500m men World Championships. The Ingebrigtsen brothers will also once again compete against each other, this time for 1500m world victory. ... read more

Duplantis’s name might sound familiar to those who follow the track and field events. The athlete is currently training for the 2019 Doha World Championships in Athletics. It seems like he has good chances for the victory, even though, he is much younger than all the other competitors. In fact, he seems to be unstoppable and is continuously evolving, as it is visible on Duplantis’s Doha 2019 Odds. ... read more