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We all know the saying, the house always wins. While this may be true for the most part, sometimes casinos suffer huge losses. This, of course, will not take away the fact that gamblers are the ones at bigger risks. In this article we look through all the biggest casino fails made by both players and the casinos themselves. Should you gamble, make sure you protect yourself from losing too much by setting limits and budgets to successfully beat the house!  ... read more

Slot machines compared to other ways of gambling are a rather young invention. Today’s slots seem to have an infinite variety of drums, lines, symbols, jackpot capabilities, and amounts of rates. The popularity of video slots led to highly stylized programs manufactured for online games that can be implemented on your smartphone or tablet. The technologies are developing constantly. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about what the slot machines of the future might look like. ... read more

No matter for what reason you are gambling, some winning tips for online gambling can greatly help you improve your performance. But surely, it’s especially important if you are gambling to make a living of it. The idea to hit the jackpot sounds pretty nice, huh? You can find lots of fun ways to achieve it.  ... read more

Today’s era offers you many more types of gambling than before. There are different kinds of games that you can pick at online casinos in the US. Yet, the way you play those games has not changed much. You just have more betting options today than a few years before.  ... read more

Until May 14, 2018 sports betting was illegal in the US. But then the Supreme Court of the United States lifted the federal ban on sports betting. Ever since then more and more states are legalizing this type of gambling. The firsts were for example New York, New Jersey, and Nevada. On August 15, 2019, Iowa became the 11thstate, and the first in the upper Midwest to allow legal sports betting. Now it looks like it was a pretty great idea: see how Iowa sports betting revenue breaks records. ... read more

Gambling With a Low Budget!

There are many gambling opportunities today that it became much easier to find ways on how to gamble with a low budget. The casino industry went far beyond what we could think before. ... read more

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most recognized cryptocurrency in the world but not the only one. There are at least five new kinds of e-money used in various fields with casinos and sportsbooks being no exception. Here is the list of all cryptocurrencies used in online gambling you should know about. ... read more

Bitcoin is widely used in many spheres including casinos and sports betting nowadays. In fact, gambling is one of the main industries that may benefit from using crypto the most. Read about all pros of cryptocurrency gambling to understand why Bitcoin is the currency of the future at online casinos and sportsbooks. ... read more

Gambling with cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular at online casinos. There are already many gambling sites where you can find slots, card games, and roulette available for crypto. Today, check our list of the best Bitcoin roulette games worth playing. ... read more