illegal gambling

Even if you are not moving too much around online, you probably came across the popular streaming website, Twitch. It is great for streaming videos, supporting content creators, and just having fun. Also: seemingly it is suitable for illegal Twitch gambling too – until the country you are in gets fed up and takes some serious actions. ... read more

The black market of gambling causes serious problems in almost every country in the world. Authorities are trying to fight the practice wherever they can, but of course, it is not always an easy task. Lately, Denmark took a really important step in the direction of solving such kind of problem. They blocked 55 illegal websites in the country. ... read more

 On march 25th, Isiai Scheinberg finally pleaded guilty to running an illegal online gambling site. Just a couple of days ago, his lawyer made the following statement of his behalf, “Mr. Scheinberg is pleased to put this matter behind him and that all charges other than violating the 1971 Gambling Act have been dropped. Notably, all PokerStars players were paid back immediately and Mr. Scheinberg played an important role in ensuring that all of the players from other sites were repaid as well.” ... read more