The black market of gambling causes serious problems in almost every country in the world. Authorities are trying to fight the practice wherever they can, but of course, it is not always an easy task. Lately, Denmark took a really important step in the direction of solving such kind of problem. They blocked 55 illegal websites in the country. ... read more

Thus cockfighting is illegal at most of the places, there are always cases for people to go around rules. While cockfighting is a deeply despised way of animal cruelty, there are still people who attend these events. This time they got instant karma. One of the cocks could break free and wounded many and killed one of the spectators. I wouldn’t say that I don’t feel sorry for this person. I feel sorry about this whole situation. Unfortunately, there are many forms of aberration that are accepted around the world and cockfighting is one of them. I just can’t accept calling it a tradition as an excuse. ... read more

Of course, we all attracted to forbidden things. Somehow, it’s in or DNA. Gambling is a filthy pleasure by itself. Also, the Netherlands is a hotspot of restricted satisfactions. Therefore, if you join us and learn how to find illegal casinos in the Netherlands, you can fulfil all your wishes. ... read more