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For those who like to bet on sports in India, and bet on cricket in particular, this will prove a very interesting year. They’ve expanded the Indian Premier League to include two new teams and no one is quite sure what effect that will have. Certainly online bookies in India think they do and reflect their view in their odds on the 2022 IPL. However at the recent player auction Liam Livingstone topped the chart, so does that give the Punjab Kings a better chance? No. Not really. ... read more

Well that’s the regular season over and done with. The Chennai Super Kings are now the first of the teams to qualify for the finals of the 2021 IPL. They have been favorites for a while now, with online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 tipping them heavily. Just when they’ve needed it the team has stepped up a gear with Captain MS Dhoni leading by example. So are the CSK so obviously going to win? And are they the only sensible bet on the 2021 IPL now? ... read more

As the Indian Premier League edges towards a climax, the pundits have begun to extrapolate. Not only are they now touting the likely outcome of this tournament, but contests yet to start. Some are looking at the 2021 IPL odds at online betting sites in India like Bet365, and justifying all sorts of opinions. But just how much can you take away from this disjointed season played in two halves in two different countries? Is it fair to judge teams, captains and players on these results? ... read more

Those who like to bet on sports in India will have already noticed the IPL has got back underway. They will likewise have registered that some of the assumptions we leaned on before the break no longer apply. Where once you might have bet on the Mumbai Indians to give a good showing, now it’s the odds on the Chennai Super Kings that beckon. Indeed, if you’ve not yet bet on the 2021 IPL MS Dhoni’s chaps are probably worth a look at Bet365. They’re clear favorites now. ... read more

You almost forgot, didn’t you? But after that unscheduled hiatus the contest returns, albeit in a different country. With the United Arab Emirates hosting the players are back at the crease and raring to go. But don’t think they’re just going through the motions. Chennai and Kolkata have already come out blasting setting the tone for the rest of the series. So, if you haven’t yet bet on the 2021 IPL at any of the online betting sites in India, say Bet365, now’s the time to do it. ... read more

Finally, that bet on the 2021 IPL may swim back into focus, as doubts about the tournament are put to bed. Yes, there are a few issues to sort out. Where and when the obvious two. However, there is a brief window of opportunity and the BCCI are apt to take it. Even if that means a return to play in the United Arab Emirates. So, if you haven’t indulged as yet, you’ll still have plenty of time to check out the all the odds on the 2021 IPL at online betting sites in India like Bet365. ... read more

The exigencies of the current circumstance rightfully brought play in the IPL to a halt. Anyone who likes to bet on sports in India regularly expected it sooner or later. However, if they wish to finish the tournament this year, the tournament is going to need to find both time and space to do so. Right now, with the tour schedule as it is, and the ongoing situation, that’s a big ask. Indeed Bet365 and the like know only too well the odds on the 2021 IPL continuing at all are quite long. ... read more

You may have to wait to find out if your bet on the 2021 IPL is a winner or a loser. The league has decided to suspend the rest of the season due to the ongoing health crisis. Despite a multi-layered approach to prevention, players were unable to avoid contraction. This means that whilst online betting sites in India like Bet365 still offer odds on the 2021 IPL, it is, for the time being in abeyance. The question thus is; just how long will we need wait before play resumes? ... read more

If you still had any doubts about taking up the odds on the Chennai Super Kings, they’ve done much to erase them. Their victory over the RCB was a classic. They look capable of challenging for the title this year, and are thus a very tempting bet on the 2021 IPL. Naturally, the Capitals are still favorites, but online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 have seen the IPL odds shifting. Whilst Chennai have closed up to just 7/2 the Sunrisers Hyderabad have drifted off into the sunset. ... read more

They say a week is a long time in politics. In the fast-paced Indian Premier League it’s even longer. It must be. Online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 already seem to have sorted the wheat from the chaff. We’re only four rounds in but already the top teams are soaring well above the rest in the 2021 IPL odds. This means some teams are clearly under-performing whilst others are completely confounding their critics. But which of them should you back to win it in the end? ... read more