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Explaining how to bet on cockfighting is probably superfluous. Choose the biggest and most aggressive looking cock, dumb-dumb. However, apparently, that’s the easy bit. Recent events proved it’s the escaping afterward that’s tricky. This is because online betting sites in India, like Bet365, will not provide odds on cockfighting. You actually have to attend. Now you might think that this proximity to squabbling birds places you in no real danger. But you’d be very wrong. ... read more

The odds on India in the 3rd Test with England are as you would expect after they trounced the visitors so convincingly. The errors and disappointment of the first Test forgotten they were once again the side we always knew they ought to be. Strong with the bat, devastating with the ball and in complete control. Chances are, online betting sites in India like Bet365 seem to think, they’ll do it again. So is a bet on India to win the 3rd Test against England the only game in town? ... read more

It was a shocker. India were on a high after beating Australia down-under. The bookies rated them perhaps the best side in the world. Defeating England was not going to cause them issue. Online sportsbook sites in India gave the hosts the shortest odds and we expected England to get a reality check after Sri Lanka. It didn’t happen. Joe Root and his side continued to dazzle marching to a 227 run win. However, you can bet on India to win the 2nd Test now, or die trying. ... read more

It’s been a fabulous tournament. We have seen examples of the very best Cricket has to offer. Both with bat and ball players have excelled themselves on every side producing magnificent matches. But we’ve reached the point where four teams move on and four drop out. So if you’ve not seen the odds on the IPL yet, now’s the time. Online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 have all you need to bet on the 2020 IPL winner, but should you back their favorite; Mumbai? ... read more

Those of you who have already bet on the 2020 IPL will have watched fascinated. It is one of the closest and hardest fought series in the history of the tournament. There have been dramatic highs and groan-inducing lows. A superb showcase for T20 cricket, the season is rapidly reaching the knockout stages. So, we take a look at some online betting sites in India like Bet365 to check out the odds on the IPL qualifiers this year. Just which four teams will battle it out for the trophy? ... read more

The Indian Premier League has been a superb cavalcade of cricket. It might have shifted a long way from home but the quality hasn’t diminished. At present, it’s the Mumbai Indians leading the table and the odds on the 2020 IPL winner. Online sportsbook sites in India give them 9/4 to come out victorious. However, the season is far from over and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Delhi Capitals are hard on their heels. Can Rohit Sharma lead his side to victory again? ... read more

There was a time you’d have bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League being a damp squib. It could so easily not have gone ahead at all. What has transpired in this transplanted tournament, however, couldn’t be further from that ignominy. This has been a stunning display of marvelous cricket and superb drama. Online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 may now give a bet on the Mumbai Indians to win the 2020 IPL just 3/1, but that might just be wishful thinking this year.  ... read more

It was a sight to see. The Kings XI Punjab had put 223 on the board. That’s not a total any team has successful chased down in the IPL. Ever. No one who usually puts a bet on sports in India would have backed the Royals to win at that point. It looked hopeless. However, displaying a calm determination Steve Smith’s team struck back. In the dying overs, they took the tiring team opposite to task and instantly changed the odds on the 2020 IPL. But does that mean they’ll win? ... read more

Those who regularly bet on sports in India will already be familiar with the teams in the Indian Premier League. This is the thirteenth incarnation of this vibrant tournament, this year held in the UAE for obvious reasons. With barely weeks to go before the teams square off the odds on the 2020 IPL are a matter of close inspection. Sadly, for some teams, that examination will find the bookies believing their side a tad wanting. Still, at this level of cricket, any dog can have his day. ... read more

After their narrow defeat last year a lot of people will bet on the Chennai Super Kings this year. However, they are far from the favorites. Indeed, they share 2020 IPL betting odds of 5/1 with the Kolkata Knight Riders. Online betting sites in India like Bet365 know only too well either of these teams could go the distance. With their massive wealth of experience, the Super Kings will be after vengeance for last year’s one-run loss. The Knight Riders will be relying on their bowlers.  ... read more