Indian gambling laws

Despite long-standing prohibitions on gambling both China and India face an uphill struggle to enforce it. With some of the longest standing eastern gambling cultures, this is not a huge surprise. Indian gambling laws are a remnant of Empire and those in China seem to be far more ideological than practical. The former face a slow erosion in the face of a growing internet sector and states’ rights. The latter seems to play an endless game of whack-a-mole it may never win.  ... read more

With sixty matches between eight teams spread over two months this is as fast and furious as cricket gets. Those who regularly bet on sports in India will already have picked their favorite. The bookies like Unibet certain have. For those less frequently tempted to bet on Indian cricket there’s still plenty of time to pick a team. And, so you’ve all the information you need at your disposal, here’s a quick rundown of the pre-sesason 2020 Indian Premier League betting odds. ... read more

Before a ball had been bowled they were favorite to win the tournament this year. With the likes of Sandeep Sharma, Johnny Bairstow, David Warner and Rashid Khan on their roster hopes were high but they’ve only just made the playoffs by dint of their Net Run Rate. Thus the bookies like 1xBet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in India at present, is now offering a rather distant 7/1 2019 IPL odds on the Sunrisers Hyderabad to come through and actually win. ... read more

The Indian Premier League attracts some of the best players in the world, some of the largest crowds and the most ardent supporters, and this year they’ve been rewarded with a fabulous season of some of the best white ball cricket ever. With the season around the half way mark we take a look at how the 2019 IPL odds on the Chennai Super Kings and their rivals have shifted at the bookies like BetRally India, one of the best online sportsbooks sites in India these days. ... read more

Legalized gambling in India has long been acknowledged by the pragmatists and realists of this world as a sensible and necessary step forward and if you’re Indian gambling news headlines this week herald a new era of gaming in the country you may well be right. It is rare for anyone within the establishment to accept the inevitable, but the new Law Commission report paves the way for proper regulation and oversight of sites like Betrallyindia Sportsbook in India so we take a look. ... read more