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Well, there’s a new record for US sports betting markets. They’re on the up. This is thanks, in part, to last years Supreme Court rulings allowing betting in more US States, the handle for all online sports betting saw an increase to $1.4bn. Both public perception and the political will has also been a main drive in sports betting becoming more acceptable. But as the industry rapidly expands, some industry players are going to struggle. ... read more

So is the Ukraine gambling ban getting repealed? Hopefully it’ll soon be a thing of the past. This is thanks to the submission of a recent initial bill to the Ukrainian Parliament. It looks like legal gambling is finally coming to the country. This would lift the gambling ban which has been in place since 2009. ... read more

Pornhub Casino Review

A Pornhub Casino review? OK…calm down at the back and stop your snickering. The idea of mixing gambling with sexual experience is as old as the hills according to Pornhub’s vice president, Cory Price. In 2016 that idea was formed into Pornhub Casino. Let’s take a look…. ... read more

Here’s a complete guide to poker chips. We tend to think more about the cards being played in poker. But an equally important ingredient are the poker chips. We take a seat at the table, buy in and start shuffling these coloreds markers around without giving much thought to their color and use. ... read more