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One of the most common problems most gamblers come across while betting in sports is how to deal with emotions in sports betting. And it’s really hard because betting in whatever form you choose can be very unpredictable sometimes.  ... read more

The beloved CNN host, Larry King’s death on 23rd January this year shook everyone – including his audience and his colleagues. As for now, it is rumored that Hollywood has already started planning to honor his life with a biographic movie. And now, the question many ask is this: who will play Larry King in the upcoming biopic? Here are all the possibilities and odds that you can bet on. ... read more

Many visit Indiana because of its vast farmlands, its coast, its amazing state parks, or its stunning capital, Indianapolis. But everyone who goes there has to know one thing about the Hoosier state – and it is not that the state’s nickname is the Hoosier state. It is the fact that they are all over about basketball. They even have a saying, that “no one in this state is born without knowing how to play basketball”. So, it is not a surprise that sports are a big thing there, and therefore it is why sports gambling is popular in Indiana. ... read more

If you struggle to choose between playing gambling games and betting on sports, do both at once. Just check the list of 5 best racinos in the world and combine your favorite activities in one location. Although most racinos are found in the US, people from other countries can also find interesting venues to visit.  ... read more

Which zodiac sign are you? This question may sound silly in the 21st century. More and more people believe in science rather than in horoscope. However, most of us have always noticed something inexplicable and mysterious that interferes with our lives. What can it be? There is an assumption that many events in our life depend on the location of planets and stars on the day we were born. Besides, a lot of people believe that your horoscope matters. Thus, we happened to find some interesting and useful information about the best zodiac sign for gambling. ... read more