We are more than halfway through the football season in Serie A, and candidates to get relegated are getting clearer. Newly promoted teams are struggling while other unexpected teams could get relegated too. The conversation of who will relegate from Serie A this season is getting more interesting as the season comes to an end. This article includes all the possible candidate teams who might not make it to the next season. ... read more

Surely everyone can remember a few games, when the winner was decided after the extra-time with penalties. At that moment it doesn’t matter who is playing and which stars shoot the penalties as anyone can miss them, even the biggest footballers. In the best penalty shoot-outs in history we find some really memorable moments from World Cups to Champions League games.  ... read more

Yesterday the organizing cities celebrated with pink lights that there were exactly 100 days until the start of this year’s Giro D’Italia. One of the three Grand Tours, the Italian race will start in 2020 from Budapest, Hungary. As the first big race in the season, many of the top riders will be taking part in it, the Giro d’Italia 2020 betting odds favorizing three of them as a winner.   ... read more

Let me guess: you expected them to win, but they finished second. Unfortunately, the ESC history remembers many cases when the owner of the Glass Microphone was less wanted than the second chop. So, here is our list of best Eurovision runners-up who were robbed of victory in the 21st century. ... read more

The most famous pop music event in Italy Sanremo Festival 2020 draws ever nearer. It will host 24 established artists competing for the big prize, representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. According to our 2020 Sanremo Festival winner predictions, there are four singers who rightfully deserve to win. ... read more

We already know the finalists of the Sanremo Giovani of 2019. The final of the show will take place soon. The location is the Ligurian town and the date is Thursday 19 of December. ... read more

Eurovision has been in session since 1956 which has grown at a steep pace and continues to be among the grand music competitions around the globe. The contest begets the rise of a new generation of musicians who can influence the entire world with their charismatic songs. To no one’s surprise, the competition requires unparallel talent; which makes the nature of the challenge highly competitive. Teams from all around Europe participate with the exception of Australia. Like most popular events, Eurovision has a high betting rate which is why it is essential to include Eurovision 2020 best special bets in the mix. ... read more

With 12 games played in Serie A, a third of the season is already underway. As it stands, Lazio’s marksman, Ciro Immobile is at the top of the list with 14 goals. Can the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo catch up with the forward? Our Serie A top scorer tips would recommend not writing off the Belgian and Portuguese finishers. ... read more