james bond

There’s no doubt that poker has influenced popular culture in movies, TV, and music. So, it’s only fitting that we shed some light on some of the biggest references to poker in pop culture. What’s more, these examples of poker in pop culture could inspire your next adventure on the best poker sites. ... read more

The mystery over who might play the next James Bond after Daniel Craig has is becoming something of a real-life spy thriller. Craig has been acting as Bond for 14 years. Now that Daniel is confirmed for the next Bond film, there has been plenty of speculation about who will take over once he retires from playing 007. Rumours are flying again, with names like James Norton, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, and Tom Hardy as the frontrunners. James Bond Oscar odds are all up on online sporstbook sites in the U.K. Let’s have a sneak peak! ... read more

The stories are legion. The rumors widespread. The images famous. Las Vegas sprang up and became a mecca for gamblers. By the 1960s it was just hitting its stride as gambling in the sixties took on a sheen of celebrity. From the Rat Pack to the Mafia it was a magical land of smoke and mirrors people found fascinating. The aspirational boom, that still drives online betting sites in the US today like, brought in the punters by the millions and made Vegas the legend it is today.   ... read more

Gambling in cinema is far more common than at first you might think. From Clark Gable in Any Number Can Play, to Tom Berenger in Platoon, actors often portray gambling. Sometimes it is mere window dressing, texture to the visual experience; often it plays a more central role. From the flouting of US or UK gambling laws, to the moral comeuppance of the unworthy, cinema loves gamblers. Whether modern day bookies like Bet365 like cinema is another matter. ... read more

Here are some useful phrases for the casino. When you think of a casino like Free Spin Casino, James Bond is probably the first person to come to mind. Roulette is probably the first game. Though the rules of the game appear to be very simple there’s actually a lot more going on. It’s hiding in the jargon. ... read more