If you love playing different national lotteries, the question of how Japanese Loto 7 works has probably crossed your mind. American and Australian are undoubtedly some of the best lotteries, but Japanese Loto 7 is definitely worth trying too. It is one of the best and thrilling lotteries in Japan! ... read more

Gambling Mangas

For a change of pace, let’s take a trip to Japan. Home of Sushi, karate, sumo wrestling and samurai warriors. It’s also the place where grown up reads comics. Unlike in the west, where comic book art is mainly aimed at teens, in Japan, manga is regarded, quite rightly as it’s own art form. Its enjoyed by millions of adult Japanese people every day. ... read more

Even if you haven’t watched anime in your entire life, sports anime is something you should definitely check out. The sports anime series are not only about the sports, it’s usually about getting over obstacles by teamwork, dedication and hard work. Here are some of the best sports anime series. ... read more

Japanese public prosecutor raided gaming company. It was recently reported that the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s office conducted a raid on an as yet unidentified gaming company in the city. This was in connection to an ongoing probe into bribery that could have serious implications on the countries efforts to open legalized gambling resorts. ... read more

Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi is the reigning champion. And in the 2020 ski jumping world cup betting odds, he is still the biggest favorite to win the title. After 11 races, he is leading the overall standing, ahead of his main challengers,  German Karl Geiger and Austrian Stefan Kraft. But he doesn’t seem unbeatable this season, let’s see his and the others’ chances. ... read more

So finally, Japan legalizes casino gambling. Though technically gambling is illegal throughout Japan, you’ll find plenty of gaming machines. In fact Japan has 58% of all the gaming machines world-wide! Funnily enough, their classification does not fall under the heading of gambling machines! But a recent law will allow the opening of three integrated commercial casino resorts. ... read more