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The absence of Usain Bolt will be a talking point for commentators the world over next Summer as the five rings are hauled aloft in Japan for the 32nd modern Olympic Games and there will be a very noticeable gap in the line up for the final of the race that decides who is the fastest man on the planet. The Tokyo 2020 100m odds on Christian Coleman at Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Japan, suggest he’ll be the one to watch, but this is a step into uncertainty. ... read more

With preparations for next summer’s games in full swing those not content to have a little flutter on the myriad of events at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Japan these days, have begun to have aspirations of competing in Tokyo 2020. Among the more popular sports the canoeing events are attracting more and more adherents and if you want to know how to Kayak to Olympic standards by next year we’ve got some important and pertinent advice for you. ... read more

Team orders at the Russian Grand Prix may have robbed Valtteri Bottas of a long overdue victory but it has also meant that those 2018 Japanese Grand Prix Vettel bets you might have had planned should probably be shelved for the rest of the season and that if you’re hunting up good F1 wagers at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Japan right now, you’re better off looking at the other end of the grid where the first to lose could win you a tidy pile. ... read more

The land of the rising sun is facing a new dawn for the nation’s gamblers as parliament finally edges toward opening the way for a generation of Japanese casinos with the Diet all set to pass the required laws, however with some of the necessary legislative framework still to be put in place and the bodies that will regulate them not yet set up are Japanese gambling laws still years away from actually applying to land based casinos? And in the meantime will sites like Omni Slots steal a march on them? ... read more