Joe Biden

You can always bet on politics in the US to entertain. Especially in the post-Trump era. The GOP find themselves on the back foot but the Democrats are blunting their own attack. Just when they need to present a united front, they’re squabbling amongst themselves. Fortunately, voters may not care about infrastructure as much as they do avoiding living in Texas. Indeed Democrats can now probably rely on Texas to make them a safe bet on the US midterm elections in 2022. ... read more

Once you could bet on US politics voting to swing one way and then back the other. However, you can no longer count on such regularity. Whilst you’ll find the 2022 Midterm Election odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada favor the Republicans, big gains seem unlikely now. Some people will still register dissatisfaction with Joe Biden at the polls, of course, but most will register their disgust with the Republicans. Just as they did in California’s Recall Election. ... read more

The odds on US politics make for strange reading. Celebrities are running in elections here, there and everywhere. Democrats are still chasing their tails and looking for January 6th justice. All whilst the Republicans pervert democracy in pursuit of victory whatever the cost to the country. Anyone in the US gambling laws of common decency will keep democracy alive and well in the good ole’ US of A needs to think again. It was never very much of a democracy in the first place. ... read more

Some bet on US politics calming down, seeing the error of its ways and becoming what it should. They saw Donald Trump fly away and figured that was the end of that. They were wrong. So, the odds on US politics at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada don’t do the situation justice. If anything, politics in the United States is getting more crazy. Celebrities are running everywhere, Republicans are trying to stop people voting and now Nevada thinks it represents America.   ... read more

Blinking in the daylight following the dark night of Donald Trump you may miss it. Compared to what has gone before, US politics appears quiet. The tweet storms have abated. The outlandish lies gone. However, as a quick glance at the odds on US politics at Bovada will tell you, it’s far from normal. Important recall elections, gubernatorial races, and mayoral contests all loom. So as you mull that bet on sports in the US, just don’t overlook what a bet on US politics can offer. ... read more

Joe Biden faces a deadline. US politics moves fast and he has only two years before the mid-terms to get things done. The US electorate isn’t famous for its patience. You can pretty much bet on US politics to react quickly, especially if you don’t. Can Joe move fast enough and get enough done to satisfy dissatisfied Americans? Well, anyone in the US gambling laws concerning guns and infrastructure will be enough needs to think again. The real problems are far more complex. ... read more

We knew the odds on Donald Trump quietly retiring from public politics were massively lengthy. However mostly cut off from social media and the mainstream press, he has had issues. Getting his message out has proved difficult. However, this doesn’t prevent online betting sites in the US like Bovada giving him tolerable odds to win in 2024. Perhaps they believe Trump’s message is still one people wish to hear. Certainly, his appearance at a wedding recently indicates it hasn’t changed. ... read more

Bet on Joe Biden’s first official state visit as the president is yet to make one. With the unusual circumstances the world is going through, it does not seem that the president is planning to make one soon. However, looking into the future, there are a few potential options that are likely to be his first destination.  ... read more

Now as the inauguration ceremony is over and Joe Biden is officially the US President, many world leaders are eager to meet him. Thus, the bookies have made an interesting list of Biden’s first state visit odds. On top of the list comes the UK, Ireland, and Canada. ... read more

Kamala Harris next president odds to win the election in 2024 are evaluated as high. Currently, she surpasses both Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the next presidential race. Will Harris become the first female president of the US? ... read more