Even though Paris Saint-Germain was declared champions again this season and the team has qualified to the quarter-finals in the Champions League, head coach Thomas Tuchel’s place is not secure. There have been rumors about tension between him and some players, so we checked the favorites in the next PSG manager odds who can possibly replace him next season.  ... read more

Without a doubt, Josep Pep Guardiola is recognized as one of the greatest and most proficient managers to even graced a football pitch. His many trophies and awards speak for themselves. Now in his 13th year as a football manager, many are asking what could come next for him? Looking through all the available options, there are three with real possibility. Let’s have a look… ... read more

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Fans and professionals usually focus on the strikers or midfielders when they look at the teams, but goalkeepers are just as important. A good goalkeeper can not only save the team from goals, but provide a stable background for the defenders and for the whole team. Like the best goalkeepers of all time did, from Buffon to Kahn. ... read more

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It is normal in modern-day football to swap clubs for footballers as many times as they want. But to move from a club to its biggest rival can still be a sin in the eyes of the fans, who won’t forgive this betrayal easily. Especially if one of their most loved players join an old enemy, like in the case of Luis Figo, whose move was one of the biggest transfer scandals in football.  ... read more

The Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara seems to be dissatisfied with his current situation. Thus, he might be on the move this winter. According to Thiago Alcantara new club odds, Spain will be his best destination. But, Juventus might be plotting to bring him in. ... read more