Kane Williamson

Online betting sites in India like Bet365 give the Mumbai Indians the best 2020 IPL odds. This isn’t overly surprising after their narrow win last year. That one-run victory over the Chennai Super Kings giving them the edge over Hyderabad. This narrow margin might be massively significant in a tournament moved to the UAE and lacking crowds. The bookies obviously think the Indians are a manifestly better bet on T20 cricket, so let’s see if we can discern why this is. ... read more

The 2020 Australia New Zealand ODI odds are rather tempting. The sides find themselves sliding in different directions right now, so this should be a superb series. Australia need to bounce back after a beating in South Africa, whilst the Kiwis need continuity. New Zealand’s performance against India was creditable and it bodes well for their chances in Sydney. So let’s have a look at the prices online betting sites in Australia like Unibet give on this clash of the Antipodeans. ... read more

They’ve not, if they’re honest, played as well as they could have. New Zealand have slipped to a 2-0 deficit against visitors India. Indeed the T20 odds on New Zealand against India are now all but embarrassing. They could come back and win the next three matches, of course. It’s just online sportsbook sites in New Zealand like Unibet don’t believe it. Nor should you. India have come, seen and, thus far, conquered and they’ll very probably continue to do so. So what happened? ... read more

The T20 World Cup later in the year magnifies every short-form match this year. Teams are willing to experiment just in case. Some, however, don’t need to. Bet on India to win the T20 series in New Zealand and you’re looking at slim returns. Bet on New Zealand and things are slightly different. Online betting sites in New Zealand like Unibet will give you 11/8 on them to win the first match. A match they’re only a Kane Williamson experiment away from winning. ... read more

We’re down to the final four and the Cricket World Cup odds on ViratKohli and Co have been keeping them as favorites since they won the group stage. Now, as they square off for the first time against New Zealand in the semi-finals, they’re held to be 3/10 favorites to beat the Kiwis at Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK these days, and go on to win the trophy. Although much of that speculation seems to be based on some teenage history twixt the captains. ... read more