Kentucky Derby

If you like to bet on sports in the US and UK Saturday is a doubly whammy. First, you can bet on the Epsom Derby, one of the most prestigious races in the UK. Then, just a few hours later, check out the odds on the Belmont Stakes, third leg in the US Triple Crown. Spectacular. The races may be similar, but the betting prospects definitely aren’t. The odds on the Epsom Derby at Bovada have it as a runaway win, but a bet on the Belmont Stakes is a far harder wager to call. ... read more

A clear majority of registered voters in Texas would vote for Matthew McConaughey, the film star and frequent spelling error. Whether he’d make a good Governor seems neither here nor there. He has name recognition and a practiced smile. He wouldn’t be the first celebrity who turned to politics, right? That’s why online betting sites in the US like Bovada are taking him seriously. They’re already offering Texas gubernatorial election odds on the Hollywood star. ... read more

Isn’t this just the perfect year for a little flutter? If ever there were a time to spice your life up with a little risk/reward proposition, this is it. Fortunately, in this all too global world of ours you need not await a sporting occasion near you to do so. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are but a mouse click away. This means wherever you are, you too can see the 2020 Breeders Cup odds where Improbable and Tiz The Law are joint favorites to win this classic race. ... read more

Typically, the final leg of the US horse racing Triple Crown is a big occasion. It draws huge crowds of fans and often bestows the title each horse and rider are seeking. However, this year, those that usually bet on sports in the US at Bovada will have spotted things are different. There will be no crowds at the 145th running of the race, which usually isn’t the last of the three. Still, just because you can’t go and watch won’t actually affect the odds on the Preakness Stakes 2020. ... read more

All the lucky ones who placed a bet on Authentic during the Kentucky Derby knows why we highlight this outstanding thoroughbred. As the winner of the Derby, if he wins two more specific races he can achieve one of the biggest badges in US horseracing, The US Triple Crown. The second challange to earn the title is the Preakness Stakes. Let’s take a closer look at the betting odds while we make our predictions about which horse is most likely to win the run over the mighty Authentic. ... read more

If you follow US horse racing to any degree, then you’ll know that the industry has a massive horse race doping problem. The chickens finally came home to roost this last week. The US trainer, Jason Servis is one of over 27 individuals charged with a scheme to give illegal drugs to horses. He’s looking at up to five years in the slammer. ... read more

We are all waiting for Spring. Flowers, birds, and of course the start of the flat horseracing season. What a wonderful time of the year. Today we will visit the United States to give you tips on how should you bet on the US Triple Crown. The act will start in early May with the Kentucky Derby. The odds and the expectations are high on this year’s season, however, the Ante-post betting options are still not available for the other two races. ... read more

With the population seemingly ready and willing to wager. The Super Bowl drew in some $7bn worth of wagers. There is already an understanding that the future of gambling in the US is bright, but what shape will it take? Online bookies like Bovada think they know and are already offering those who like to bet on sports in the US some great opportunities. However, there are already some new players on the block and it’s won’t be long before even more join them. ... read more

The absence of Usain Bolt will be a talking point for commentators the world over next Summer as the five rings are hauled aloft in Japan for the 32nd modern Olympic Games and there will be a very noticeable gap in the line up for the final of the race that decides who is the fastest man on the planet. The Tokyo 2020 100m odds on Christian Coleman at Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Japan, suggest he’ll be the one to watch, but this is a step into uncertainty. ... read more