La Liga

Football is the most popular sport in the world without a doubt. The number of its estimated fans reached 3.5 billion in 2020. Apart from international tournaments, most of them regularly follow local competitions too. What are the most watched football leagues with most viewers and the biggest influence? Here is the top-10. ... read more

Diego Simeone has been the manager of Atletico Madrid since 2011. He is loved by the fans and achieved great successes with the club, but recently there have been unsatisfied voices asking for a change. We checked the favorites in the next Atletico Madrid manager odds who might replace the Argentine in case he’d leave the club.  ... read more

Even though Barcelona’s current manager, Quique Setien has only been in his position since this January, rumors have already started of his possible sacking. The team is not doing so great under his management and lost 3 games out of 12. So bet on Barcelona’s new manager, we show you the favorites. ... read more

There are only 12 football clubs that won three major trophies in Europe in one year. They are called UEFA treble winners for taking 3 both domestic and European leagues. One of the FCs even managed to win a pair of trebles less than in a decade. So, what top clubs are on the list? ... read more

Who is the Real Ronaldo?

So who is the real Ronaldo? In the heady world of top football players, there are two Ronaldos. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima and Cristiano Ronaldo. You’ll hear people discuss the “real” Ronaldo. And it turns out that they are always using the term to distinguish between the two players. Of course, the “real” Ronaldo was born in 1975 and is Brazilian. Let’s compare the two. ... read more

Ruben Neves next club betting odds show that the Portugese midfielder could end up playing for Man City next year. However, we believe it’s more reasonable to bet on Neves to sign for Man Utd in the summer. Meanwhile, bookies argue he could also make his way to Spain very soon. The Wolves player’s future is now quite unclear, so we took a closer look on the situation. Here’s what we’ve found. ... read more

The “expected goals” phrase has gained a great popularity in the world of football statistics. Instead of looking at the “shots on target”, football fans around the world are now interested in the xG values. In this article, we’re going to explain what xG means and how you can use xG stats for football betting. ... read more