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Without a doubt, the race to occupy London mayoral position will be a tough one this time around. Many candidates have put their best foot forward, however, Labour’s Sadiq Khan currently leads the competition. This time, current elected mayor Sadiq Khan has the best 2021 London Mayoral Election betting odds to serve another term.  ... read more

When the Kiwis go to the polls this September they’ll probably re-elect the massively popular Jacinda Ardern. However, whilst they’re choosing a new government they’ll also be asked to vote on two more very important questions. Now online sportsbooks sites in New Zealand like Bet365 are obviously not offering odds on the legalization of death. But if you want some 2020 New Zealand cannabis referendum odds, well, that’s a totally different packet of rolling papers.  ... read more

The general election is an opportunity for the British public to choose who represents them in the parliament. The candidates in the election may belong to one of the political parties, but some of them stand as independents. The major parties include the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Green Party, and Brexit Party. Each party has a different view on how to run the country, and how to set the policies and procedures. With the upcoming election, bet on 2022 UK General Election as the Conservative party hopes to win yet again. ... read more

New Zealanders will be heading to the polls on September 19 to elect a new government. The election campaign is underway and it looks tight between the two largest parties, as per 2020 New Zealand general election odds. However, the National has a good chance to leave opposition and rule again. On the same date, the cannabis referendum will be held. ... read more

Maltese are heading to the ballots on May 25 to elect six MEPs in European Parliament Elections. Malta has had a typical two-horse race (Labour and National Party) since the island joined EU in 2004. The best 2019 Malta EU Elections odds favour Labour to win about 4 seats. Whereas, the National Party are projected to drop to two seats. ... read more