Funniest Gambling Ads

You can see different gambling ads almost everywhere now from tv channels to the boards around football pitches. Most gambling companies try to add some light tone to their advertisements, often using humor and famous characters in them. Some of them have become very popular and are still remembered by the viewers. Let’s read below about the funniest gambling ads.  ... read more

For those of you football fans who have been living under a rock for the past couple years, a new form of refereeing has been making an impact on the Premier League. VAR is this new technology helping referee games from the sidelines. ... read more

Gambling in Ireland

Let’s have a look at gambling in Ireland. Over the past couple of decades, the Emerald Isle has become a popular tourist destination. With it’s lush green countryside, historic castles, generous people and a rich culture, it’s no surprise that more and more people are upping roots and moving to make a life there. Thanks to Brexit, there has been a huge increase in the number of Irish passport applications. ... read more

Betting on Crufts

Started in 1891, Crufts has now become the World’s biggest dog show. Over 220 breeds take part in various shows over a period of four days. The culmination is the “Best of Breed” winner. Betting on Crufts is a possible. There are some bookmakers who will give odds.  ... read more

Top mobile gambling apps

The new technologies make the lives of people much more comfortable. Almost everything we desire to find out or to do is available at our hands. Either you want to know about the weather, or the distance of your trip you can easily find out with your phone. Surely, gambling is no exception. First, the casinos and all other types of gambling were available online at online gambling sites. Now, our favorite gambling options are available with apps. With this in mind, we are going to explore the top mobile gambling apps. ... read more

Well, it had to happen. UK calls for online gambling limits were discussed by MP’s last week. And lo and behold, some of the largest UK betting companies immediately saw a massive drop in company share value. This was thanks to a new Government report which suggested  that the maximum online wager should be £2. ... read more