Lando Norris

A very critical juncture in the entirety of the F1 championship battle is coming ahead. The winner at Silverstone will have all the momentum for this season’s F1 title. As Red Bull’s Verstappen is coming off three race wins in a row, he has the confidence to capture another victory. However, this will be a battle in Hamilton’s backyard. So, we shall not underestimate his strong 2021 British GP odds. ... read more

F1 drivers are returning to the grid in no time to compete in the eighth round of the season. It goes without saying, Verstappen and Hamilton will be the two drivers to beat in the upcoming race. But, does that mean nobody else will have a chance? Of course not, as there are several prolific drivers who might impress according to 2021 Styrian Grand Prix betting odds. ... read more

The odds on the 2021 French Grand Prix imply it’s a two horse race. Naturally, one can take that with a pinch of salt after Baku. Neither of the realistic title contenders finished in the points. Now anyone who regularly puts a bet on sports in France will tell you Baku is special. It’s a street circuit and those are different. At Paul Ricard, they claim, normality will resume. But will it? The tires let some cars down in Azerbaijan, and on the long straights near Marseille they may do so again. ... read more

After a dramatic weekend in Azerbaijan, F1 is heading to the seventh round in France. The fight is heating up with Ferrari’s Leclerc and McLaren’s Norris closing in against the top two drivers. The championship is becoming more and more unpredictable. However, you may still place your French GP winner betting on Verstappen or Hamilton to win the next race. ... read more

You can always bet on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to provide some exciting moments. Having escaped the tight streets of Monaco, teams find themselves on the far faster streets of Baku instead. Instead of the margin of error opening up, it tightens. Which might explain why the odds on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix are so harsh. Online sportsbook sites in Azerbaijan like Bet365 really only give the top four drivers a chance. But this is Baku in 2021. Predictable? I think not. ... read more

F1 constructors are on their way to Azerbaijan for another classic street race in Baku on 6 June. More excitement is expected after the title race returns to be wide open. Hamilton might be alerted that no more mistakes can be tolerated and he has to be perfect as often. Should he race at his highest level, he may take back the top spot, as per 2021 Azerbaijan GP odds. ... read more

Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix with very little issue. He now leads the 2021 F1 driver’s championship from Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton. That’s good news for the odds on Red Bull at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, but will they last? Mercedes are still favorites. Sure, the Red Bull will enjoy Baku, but this isn’t a season of street circuits. As the year progresses, won’t Mercedes just overhaul any lead Max and Red Bull can gouge out now? ... read more

The 2021 F1 Monaco GP odds indicate the upcoming fifth round will likely have Hamilton and Verstappen fight again upfront. However, the track in Monte Carlo is very tricky and it can bring a lot of surprises for the championship race. We discuss the chances of all top drivers including the leading duo and who will likely come out victorious in Monaco. ... read more

F1 drivers are coming back on track next weekend in Barcelona between 07-09 May. Hamilton and Verstappen remain the favorites. But, Hamilton holds a slight edge this round, according to the 2021 F1 Spanish GP odds. We provide our rating of the top six drivers and a prediction on whether Hamilton deserves the top spot on the odds list. ... read more

Formula 1 drivers don’t have too much time to rest as the circuit moves to Spain for the Catalan Grand Prix this weekend. Lewis Hamilton showcased his superb skills again in the previous race in Portimao. So it’s not surprising at all that he is the biggest favorite to win in the 2021 F1 Spanish race odds. But Max Verstappen will surely try everything to keep up with the Mercedes driver. While Valteri Bottas should show some results now.   ... read more