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Baccarat Cutter Gang is one of the most famous casino scammers of our times. What makes them special is that scammers fooled everybody in the casino, earned lots of money at a popular game, and avoided any punishment! Read the story of the most reckless cheaters of the 21st century in our article. ... read more

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about casinos is huge and luxurious casinos of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. However, there are also quite interesting casinos that are not huge and glamorous, in fact, they are very small. In this article, we wrote about the smallest casinos in the world and whether you prefer to play at online casinos or in real casinos, you should check it out. ... read more

Slot wins are surely a reason for the winners to be happy. Even the smallest doses of adrenaline make our hearts rush. But Imagine suddenly winning a much bigger prize. The jackpots from slots can reach up to millions of dollars. In fact, there are wins so big that they can amaze you. Here, we discuss some of the big slot wins which caught our interest. ... read more

Wanna be a slot machine service technician? The gambling industry around Las Vegas would come to a screeching stop without slot machine service technicians. But not the Vegas Crest Casino. Customers can’t play machines that aren’t working. Then the broken slot machines have to come off the floor for repair. While they’re out of service, they don’t earn the casino any money. ... read more