Leo Messi

After one of the biggest Barcelona defeats in the Champions League, updated Lionel Messi transfer odds appeared. The club’s forward is about to leave by some fans’ predictions; the others expect him to stay and rehabilitate. Let’s see all possible scenarios for the GOAT in the twilight of his career. ... read more

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Seeing Lionel Messi retirement odds is strange as he proved he is the best by receiving the 6th Ballon d’Or. However, the Barcelona legend himself mentioned in his winning speech that the end of his career is inevitable. So, when the GOAT is going to leave football forever? ... read more

Leo Messi’s allegiance to FC Barcelona will end one day. First or last, the 32-years-old forward is going to leave the club of his life. Football fans dread this moment and make the most possible Messi’s next club predictions. ... read more