Although in some ways quite a pleasing concept you can’t, each time they wish to travel abroad, stick a President atop a rocket. Rockets are inherently dangerous (large fireworks in many regards) and the Secret Service wouldn’t sign off on it. So, you’ll need other systems to both propel it within the atmosphere and beyond. The most likely development then is of a scramjet Space Force One. Able to bound into orbit it could remain there all but indefinitely or come down anywhere on Earth. ... read more

Which zodiac sign are you? This question may sound silly in the 21st century. More and more people believe in science rather than in horoscope. However, most of us have always noticed something inexplicable and mysterious that interferes with our lives. What can it be? There is an assumption that many events in our life depend on the location of planets and stars on the day we were born. Besides, a lot of people believe that your horoscope matters. Thus, we happened to find some interesting and useful information about the best zodiac sign for gambling. ... read more