Los Angeles Lakers

The regular season of the 2020-21 NBA season ended this weekend. Which also means the start of the new Play-in tournament for teams finishing between the 7th and 10th places. Surprisingly we can find the defending champions, Los Angeles Lakers in these teams fighting for a play-off place. They should win though against GS Warriors according to the NBA Play-in tournament predictions. Let’s see the favorites for all games.  ... read more

Lewis Hamilton’s seventh F1 world title, Bayern Munich’s treble and the Los Angeles Lakers’ first NBA title in 10 years all belong to the biggest sports victories in 2020. Even though this year was a strange and shortened season with many events being cancelled, we could still witness some great moments.  ... read more

It feels like the Los Angeles Lakers have just won the 2020 season but the NBA is back again after the shortest off-season period. The new season will start on the 22nd of December while the playoff is scheduled to begin on the 22nd of May. Defending champions Los Angeles Lakers are top favorites again according to the NBA 2021 winner odds. Let’s see their and the other teams’ odds.  ... read more

After a few years break Los Angeles Lakers are in the NBA final again where they will meet Miami Heat. Thanks to the great plays of LeBron James and Anthony Davies, Lakers are the favorites in the NBA final betting tips. But an exciting and tough final is expected in The Arena in Bay Lake, Florida.  ... read more

22 NBA teams will return to the 2019/20 season on the 30th of July, when finally the league can continue. Awards for the best players will still be given at the end of the regular season which is scheduled to finish on the 14th of August. You can already find odds in the NBA best player betting tips in the MVP and MIP categories.  ... read more

It is the most famous basketball league in the world, with the best players and lots of money involved. To be a coach of an NBA team requires persistence, strength and good leadership skills in order to be successful in the league. We find all these characteristics in the best NBA coaches in history, who all lead their teams to championship titles.  ... read more

It is one of the most famous sports leagues in the world, with the best basketball players, fantastic atmosphere and legendary arenas. The NBA is loved by fans everywhere, even people who are not interested in basketball are aware of the teams and their stars. In the best NBA players of all time we find the most amazing players, who changed the history of the sport for ever.  ... read more

Ever since the team owner Bob Short has decided to move the team to Los Angeles, thus becoming the first West Coast team, LA has been home to Lakers. The Staples Center has been modeled specifically for the Lakers with purple and golden seats and court. For a long time, the Clippers have been nothing but a mere acquaintance to the Staples Center. However, now that the 4 of the top 10 NBA players are in these two teams, the online sportsbooks in the USA are assuming that the Lakers and Clippers rivalry is becoming more sustainable. ... read more

No basketball fan can forget how Toronto Raptors have won the championship last year. Not only was this their first championship in the franchise, but they have also won it by defeating the Warriors. The seemingly endless Warriors and Cavaliers cycle have been broken last year. There is a growing interest in which team will be going to the finals. More importantly, which one will win the championship this year is in every fan’s head. 2020 NBA winner odds are hard to predict, but the predictions by Bovada will definitely be much of a help for you. ... read more