Everyone knows about Giacomo Casanova and his exploits with the opposite sex. This is due to his own writings, “The Story of my Life”. The 3,500 pages are filled with his conquest, but also act as a social commentary on the customs and normative s of 18th century Europe. As well as being known as a womanizer, he spent a great deal of his like as a gambler. ... read more

Our continuing mission to find a gambling god worth worshipping moves on further east. The beliefs of India and China are ancient and mysterious so one could well be home to the deity we need. With rather different cultures, both these ancient civilizations have their own spin on a god of gambling. So we’ll take a look at both. Just to see which, if either of them, might provide divine assistance the next time we put a bet on sports in China at Bet365. You never know.  ... read more