Lotto draw schedule

The benefits of weekly lotteries are obvious for those who play them continuously. If you follow only big super draws, but do not succeed, switch to weekly draws and you will see the progress. Playing lotto on a permanent basis plus a good lottery site multiplies your winning chances.  ... read more

If you are offered to play the lottery, will the choice of the game be obvious for you? To make it easier, read about the benefits of daily lotteries to see why they are worth trying. In addition, learn where you can follow the best daily draws from home and participate in them on beneficial terms. ... read more

The lottery has become a huge part of Philippine culture, considering the fact that this type of gambling has been around since the 16th century. Lotto as the gambling phenomenon in the country generated a huge demand for regulated gambling outlets. Here is the list of the most popular games and the lotto draw schedule in the Philippines. ... read more