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Ever wondered what it would be like to win a lottery? Waking up millions of dollars richer, your name making headlines in the local news, hundreds of missed calls on your number…. Certainly your life would take a turn to some side, no matter which. In order to know better about what happens when you win a lottery, let’s take a look at some stories of the historical OZ lottery winners.  ... read more

Many popular lotteries offer big jackpots nowadays. No one is surprised by thousands and even millions of dollars that can be won in 2020. However, the biggest lottery prizes ever can still blow your mind. Let’s see what jackpots have the most zeros at the end of winning sums in history. ... read more

The fortune to win the lottery usually smiles just once, but these lucky people managed to hit the jackpot more than once. Believe it or not, there are many lotto winners with two or three victories or even 30 successful attempts! Here are some people who won the lottery multiple times and shared their story of winning. ... read more

If you are looking for uplifting films to watch, choose movies about winning the lotto. These 5 inspiring stories about hitting a jackpot will lift your spirit and make you eager for trying your luck. After watching films from our list, you can use on-screen winners’ tips and play the lottery from home. ... read more

If you believe that famous people don’t play lotto as they are rich enough, think twice. Surely, celebrities who won the lottery didn’t do it for money, but what were the reasons to try their luck? Where did they spend the winning jackpot? We have found answers to these questions. ... read more