Love Island

Starting to write this I can already feel my IQ going down. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll already know that Too Hot To Handle is Netflix’s first reality dating series. And you can actually wager on a number of factors within the show. Lets take a look… ... read more

Have yourself a merry little Britmas! BritBox is not only gearing up for the Christmas countdown but also looks forward to presenting the installments to favorite TV series and reality shows. The local bookmakers already offer 2020 BritBox predictions over the most-watched show of the upcoming year. ... read more

Caroline Flack officially stands down from hosting Love Island ahead of the sixth season premiere. The British TV presenter has addressed the news on her Instagram, confirming her departure from the show. The bookmakers were quick to offer Love Island host predictions with some other ITV associated television personalities on the list. ... read more

BritBox is finally arriving in the UK in 2019. The partnership between the BBC and the ITV will bring the best tv-shows made in Britain. For now, bookies are placing odds on the most popular show on BritBox in 2020. While the competition is strong, they are favoring Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. ... read more