Despite long-standing prohibitions on gambling both China and India face an uphill struggle to enforce it. With some of the longest standing eastern gambling cultures, this is not a huge surprise. Indian gambling laws are a remnant of Empire and those in China seem to be far more ideological than practical. The former face a slow erosion in the face of a growing internet sector and states’ rights. The latter seems to play an endless game of whack-a-mole it may never win.  ... read more

From western saloons to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas gambling culture in the US is something special. With Hollywood to spread it far and wide, it was the template for many years, but now the landscape is changing. Online betting sites in the US like Bovada are reshaping the market, leaving many scrambling to keep up. If they can. It’s doubtful. Gambling culture in the US may be on the cusp of a divide as the internet finally removes the issue of accessibility.    ... read more

When we choose gifts for our near and dear ones, we hope that they will make them even more joyful and happier. However, sometimes we feel lost because it is difficult to find a really special present. Moreover, if you are not indifferent to the person, you want your gift to be really useful and bring only positive emotions. Thus, you should be more careful when choosing it, especially when your close-knit person loves online gambling. We have decided to help you out with such an uneasy task. Therefore, we have made a list of the best gifts for online gamblers. And perhaps among them, you will find what you need!  ... read more

Not surprisingly, Macau’s January revenues tumble even though a drop in income was on the cards. This was down the effects of the Coronavirus. But the magnitude of the drop has taken analysts and commentators by surprise. Gambling revenues for the month of January took a serious nose-dive when compared with figures from a year earlier. ... read more

The Coronavirus outbreak has already hit land-based casinos in Macau, the world gambling capital. In a meanwhile, foreign organizations like Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs don’t hesitate to take over the gambling industry. While offshore gaming is booming in the tax haven, the Chinese government is trying to provide countermeasures.  ... read more

Japanese public prosecutor raided gaming company. It was recently reported that the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s office conducted a raid on an as yet unidentified gaming company in the city. This was in connection to an ongoing probe into bribery that could have serious implications on the countries efforts to open legalized gambling resorts. ... read more

Indeed, money is not the only thing to win this year. Since the five-figure online bracelet event will have its debut. For all poker lovers around the world, 2020 Poker World Predictions can be the most important piece of information they can get at the start of a new year. Regarding this, there is some good news. ... read more

We found many Guinness gambling world records as we were flipping through the Guinness Book of World Records for anything gambling related. Here are some of the many entries we discovered. Lets kick off with slots. ... read more

Gambling in Asia has a history of thousands of years. In fact, the first appearances of gambling were recorded in Asia in 3000 BC. Moreover, Ancient Chinese were betting on unearthed tiles in 2300 BC. Nowadays, Asia is the most promising gambling market in the world. Each year gambling revenues in the region show big growth. In fact, in 2018 Asia-Pacific was the largest market for gambling, accounting for 32.7% of the global market. Today we are taking a look at the most interesting gambling destination in Asia. ... read more