Winning the game depends not only on your skills but also on luck. Often, gambling is completely dominated by the mood of Fortune. Therefore, the more experienced the player, the more one relies on the help of otherworldly forces and uses various ways to attract good luck. The whole process of the game and preparation for it is overgrown with signs and rituals. Often there is one option (a gambling conspiracy, an amulet, a spell) that is guaranteed to help in the game. If you cannot imagine life without risk and you like to play in casinos, check out different gambling spells to attract luck in the casino. ... read more

Everyone should have seen popular gambling card tricks at least once, either in movies or during illusionist performances. If you have always dreamt to repeat them, here are some hocus-pocus tricks that are really easy to repeat. ... read more

We all know the cliches about fortune tellers in gambling. The old midwife who tells you the winning lotto numbers or a hot diabolic lady whit rolled back eyes. Nowadays, these methods are not that popular. Still, a lot of impostors try to trick gamblers with promising predictions. ... read more

The 2019 championship is delayed and it will only be held in 2020 February. In this early period, the multipliers are all high. 2019 Magic World Championship odds indicate that Javier Dominguez will win the act. Also, based on the odds the winner surely will be European. Take a glimpse at the statistics and betting predictions with us. ... read more