Magnus Carlsen

This time around, Teimour Radjabov will be under scrutiny to defend his Chess World Cup title. However, several players pose a serious threat to his title-winning hopes.At this time, one of these players is Magnus Carlsen, who currently has the best 2021 Chess World Cup betting odds to win. ... read more

This time, we will focus on the Goldmoney Asian Rapid Chess, one of the 2021 Champions Chess Tour tournaments. At this time, the 2021 Goldmoney Asian Rapid Chess betting odds are in favor of a Magnus Carlsen win. ... read more

The result of the first game gives a significant indication to how the match will play out. Magnus Carlsen struggled to find any advantages in previous title defenses and admitted to taking a different approach this time. On the other hand, Nepomniachtchi’s inside information on the Champion’s strengths and weaknesses could alter the results of the game. So many factors will play a role in determining the result, so what is your World Chess Championship first game prediction? ... read more

This time around, we will focus on the FTX Crypto Cup, one of the tournaments on the Champions Chess Tour. Presently, Magnus Carlsen is likely to claim the tournament’s victory according to the 2021 FTX Crypto Cup betting odds. ... read more

This time, all the focus will be on the New In Chess Classic tournament, the latest Champions Chess Tour event. For that reason, we’ve provided bettors and fans alike with the latest 2021 New In Chess Classic betting odds. ... read more

Undoubtedly, the Champions Chess Tour is a must-see series this year featuring the biggest players in the game of chess. Fortunately, players can get in on Tour’s action with the latest Opera Euro Rapid 2021 betting odds and predictions.  ... read more

The 2021 Tata Steel Masters will undoubtedly be among the top must-see tournaments in the upcoming chess season. Fortunately, bettors and fans alike can get in on the actions with our 2021 Tata Steel Masters betting preview. ... read more

The world’s most prestigious online chess tournament is underway with the quarterfinals just around the corner. The top grandmasters keeping an eye on the prize are Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen. According to Speed Chess Championship betting odds, both Nakamura and Carlsen are massive favorites to win their next fixtures. ... read more