Mexican gambling laws

It adds a spicy kick to anything it touches, but Tabasco Sauce has very little do to with the region in Mexico upon whose name it trades. Indeed the origins of this famous condiment are an abject example of culinary and cultural misappropriation. Ignoring centuries of history those that argue over its origins now are American. This is as insulting as it is implausible, but any Mexican gambling laws might redress this, should think again; It’s global success is not to be theirs.  ... read more

Not all cultural exchange is appropriation or even misappropriation. Some cultural icons travel as ambassadors for their nation. The problem is that far too many products exploit cultural Mexican connotations they’ve no real right to. No online sportsbook site in Mexico will claim to be Canadian or swear it’s French. However, when it comes to the plundering of Mexican culture, there are, just like in the movies, some clear examples. The good, the bad and the ugly. ... read more

So, this is truly the ugly side of cultural appropriation from Mexico. A one-time celebration of victory in battle is now just a marketing man’s dream. Whilst proclaiming to promote the food, fashion and arts of Mexico, it’s drinking holding pride of place. So any Mexican gambling laws of decency would halt this silliness would be optimistic to say the least. Outside interests have appropriated and exploited this supposedly Mexican holiday. Alas, in Mexico it’s not very special. ... read more