This time on the ATP Tour, much of the focus will be on the 2021 Los Cabos tournament. What’s more, bettors and fans alike can get in on the tournament’s action with the latest 2021 ATP Los Cabos betting odds and predictions.  ... read more

The former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz is set for a comeback after a longtime layoff. It took him 18 months to stand up and decide to fight again following the defeat of Anthony Joshua. Ruiz will step into the ring in May against the veteran Chris Arreola. This seems to be a training fight aimed to inject confidence in Ruiz. Therefore, Arreola is not the guy to choose when betting on Ruiz vs Arreola. ... read more

The 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup is about to kick off in the US on June 15. This 15th edition of the Gold Cup promises to be more competitive and compelling to the fans. But it is very hard to believe that the trophy will leave the hands of either the US or Mexico. Thus, here is all you need to know about the tournament and the bookies’ 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup winner predictions. ... read more

Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, one thing’s for sure: we never know what’s he going to do next. However, if you do, you can make some serious amount of money here. You can bet on Trump to make Mexico to pay for his wall or even the President to convert to Islam. Crazy, right? Here are the top 4 Donald Trump bets for 2019. ... read more

The debate in F1 about just when Sebastian lost the World Championship to Lewis Hamilton this season will rage on for years, with many focusing on him unnecessarily binning it in Germany, however now the pressure is off bookmakers like Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Brazil right now, seem to think he’ll start winning and if the 6/4 odds he’s getting indicate the bookies will be watching the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix betting Vettel will win, shouldn’t you? ... read more