Michael Jordan

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Worst Comebacks in Sport

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Competition has always been a part of Michael Jordan’s life. Or his life itself was one big competition. For a man who hated to lose and had a taste for that rush that you can only get from competing, gambling was the perfect activity to pass time. Here are some of the craziest Michael Jordan gambling stories. ... read more

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It is one of the most famous sports leagues in the world, with the best basketball players, fantastic atmosphere and legendary arenas. The NBA is loved by fans everywhere, even people who are not interested in basketball are aware of the teams and their stars. In the best NBA players of all time we find the most amazing players, who changed the history of the sport for ever.  ... read more

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At the end of a successful and long career, every athlete hopes for a nice farewell, but it doesn’t always happen. From being sent off on your last game to being knocked out in the first round of your last world championship, it can happen to even the most famous sportsman. We collected the worst sporting farewells which were also the most memorable as well.  ... read more