Mike Tyson

Imagine seeing Tyson in a boxing ring again! How amazing would that be? This dream could turn into reality as Iron Mike announced that he is planning to get back into the ring. A video that was posted online of Mike training in a gym has people going crazy and excited for his comeback. Although no official fight announcement has been made, Mike Tyson next match predictions are all over the internet! You should not miss the opportunity to bet on Mike Tyson again!  ... read more

On April Fool’s Day we thought to make a list of the most entertaining athletes of all time. Who were not only great sportsmen but also real showmen, making everyone smile. From the biggest NBA stars to tennis players, most of them come from the US, the home of entertainment. ... read more

Sports Stars in Jail

Even the biggest sports stars can commit crimes and break the law. From smaller offenses like an assault to the most serious one, murder, we can find athletes from all kinds of sports. Boxers to NFL players, football players to sprinters, they all passed a line they shouldn’t. Even though they had money, fame, and fortune, their bad nature caused them trouble. These are the most famous sports stars in jail.  ... read more

In 1990 Tyson was preparing for his grand fight against Evander Holyfield. However, Buster Douglas came into the picture and gave the punch that ended Mike Tyson. As they were stepping to the ring for a match that was considered as a training fight, Tyson was already booked against Holyfield. Tyson was an undisputable champion at the time, it was a big achievement for his counterparts to reach the second round. Not surprising, that the only casino who had the rights to make a sports bet for this match were giving the odds of 1 to 42 for Mike’s triumph. ... read more

From time to time surprise wins can happen in the world of sports from the most famous team sports, like football or NFL to individual sports like boxing or tennis. It looks like the saying: “Everyone can have a bad day” is true for even the biggest athletes and the best teams. Find below the biggest surprises in sports history. ... read more

Conor McGregor is in an oddball advertisement. He’s been widely mocked across social media after starring in a shit-storm of an advertisement for a sports betting company. The general consensus is that it’s so bad that it falls into the “so bad, it’s awful” category. ... read more

Worst Defeats in Sports

I’ve just witnessed a very easy game for the Hungarian Women’s Water Polo team during the European Championships, where they managed to win 27-0 against Serbia. Even as a Hungarian fan, in the end, I was hoping for a Serbian goal, but it just didn’t happen. But losses like this are not that rare in the world of sports and can happen in any kind of sports. Let’s see the worst defeats in sports.  ... read more