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Finding good gambling apps can be a difficult task, especially if you have never been interested in mobile gambling. It is very popular nowadays with more and more people installing casino games on their smartphones. We will show you the best gambling apps with great bonuses, check them out! ... read more

When it comes to gambling, every state is different in the United States. It is a little bit hard to keep up with the differing rulings in the states, and the ever-changing legislation. However, there is a novelty that you will most probably keep in mind. They are launching mobile sports betting through apps in New York! And they even link it to a special event coming up next year. ... read more

The beginning of the year is the right time to take a look at gambling trends 2021. Last year was crucial for both online and land-based casinos as well as betting offices which made tables turn. Are there really big changes in the gambling industry coming soon? ... read more

How has the mobile gambling industry grown during the last twelve months? With smartphones being the main entertainment tool these days, online casinos and betting sites have gone through numerous modifications. It’s time to sum up all mobile gambling changes in 2020. ... read more

Well, there’s a new record for US sports betting markets. They’re on the up. This is thanks, in part, to last years Supreme Court rulings allowing betting in more US States, the handle for all online sports betting saw an increase to $1.4bn. Both public perception and the political will has also been a main drive in sports betting becoming more acceptable. But as the industry rapidly expands, some industry players are going to struggle. ... read more

It looks like you’re still waiting for mobile sports betting in New York State. In spite of a vocal chorus of lawmakers in favor of letting folks bet on their mobile devices, sports betting is restricted to in-person wagers and only at upstate casinos. ... read more

Well, it had to happen. UK calls for online gambling limits were discussed by MP’s last week. And lo and behold, some of the largest UK betting companies immediately saw a massive drop in company share value. This was thanks to a new Government report which suggested  that the maximum online wager should be £2. ... read more

Betting Websites in Hungary

Sorry, but betting websites in Hungary are few and far between. With the Hungarian government and their friends controlling most of the betting market place, the choices are both frugal and limiting. As with all monopolies, they just get fat and lazy as the incentive to grow isn’t of importance. Most foreign online bookies have much more to offer. ... read more

Even though there has been  a decline in number of UK child gamblers, prepare yourself. Tiss the season for a slew of horror stories about child addicts. That’s because it’s the time of the year that the Gambling Commission puts out it’s annual report on young people and gambling. The Daily Mail, never one to tone anything down, had to jump in. It wrote, “Now 55,000 children are gambling addicts – quadruple the number of only three years ago” ... read more